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in creating a world where you feel fulfilled with your life. Where you get to do work you can actually be passionate about. A place where your purpose goes hand in hand with your actions.


We believe it’s only in that place where you can perform at your best. Where you can be yourself, unafraid of failure, self-aware and determined. It’s only there where you unleash your potential and start moving the world forward.


We help individuals become leaders, groups turn into teams, and companies into change agents.


Going after your dreams is not supposed to be easy;
otherwise, everybody would do it.

Banks rejected Howard Schultz as he tried founding Starbucks.
Times Henry Ford went bankrupt before founding Ford.
Is the number of times Walt Disney trashed the design for Disneyland.
Times was J.K. Rowling rejected before managing to get Harry Potter published

What We Do

We create unique adventures, journeys into yourself. Whether you want to improve your communication skills or your self-awareness or even design your life around your passion, we deliver events designed for you to grow, connect with like-minded individuals and lead your way to success.


Discovery Days

September 2016


A 4-day workshop focused on Self-Discovery & Life Planning. Reconnect with yourself, discover how others see you, find your purpose, and design your life around doing what you love.

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Skills Days

February 2017


4-day workshop focused on Skill Development. From Productivity to Communication Skills, regardless of your level, grow your personal skills and lead your way towards making your dreams a reality.

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November 2016


A 3-day workshop focused on growing your Communication Skills. Master the way you deliver your ideas, engage your audiences, and increase your leadership by growing your public speaking skills.

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I met Juan during a conference, as a mentor and a facilitator and spend quite some time working with him. In his sessions, he helped me to grow in public speaking and emotional intelligence.

My challenges were to overcome my own way of thinking and move into a more collaborative approach. His facilitation helped me improve in this quite a lot and I felt much more connected with my team afterwards. In our talks, I could see how passionate he is about developing me and the other people in his session and I value that a lot.

He's a very approachable guy who has a lot of experience and helped me develop my own passion as well. I value each of our talks, although they were few, I remember them all. I'm really thankful, that I had him as a facilitator and coach and I'd encourage all of you guys out there to grab the chance to meet him and overall to follow your heart!

Toma MolerovFrom Germany

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Juan at two separate conferences, where he trained me on how to understand the leader within me, and in the art of storytelling and public speaking. Before those conferences, I was really struggling with my own self-identity – how could I relate to and inspire others, when I couldn’t even relate to myself?

Under Juan’s guidance, I reflected upon my past, upon my strengths and weaknesses and upon what I truly wanted to achieve in this life. Afterwards, I was able to show much more confidence, I was so much more ready to communicate my own values and goals. And how did I feel? Relieved. Excited. Liberated.

Juan – he just gets people. He’s able to scratch below the surface, and really get to the heart of what someone needs. Every time I spoke with him at those conferences, I felt like he understood me. That he was ready to challenge me, to push me, to the extent that I would find what I was looking for.
I owe him a lot.

Thank you, Juan.

Bradley GloverFrom The United Kingdom

After talking with Juan and listening to your story during conference days, I was inspired by you. You know, I was experiencing great difficulties deep inside on me, I had fear to say something in public, my thoughts were like “oh, do I have to say it, is it right what I’m gonna say”.

I really liked your talk about checking attitude and believing in yourself. It touched my heart. It was a big impact on me. I felt some kind of lightness and a strong desire to change my attitude about my inner voice, about myself.

Then I just broke the wall and share my thoughts, it was great feeling speaking in public in front of many people.

Thanks a lot and good luck with Skills of Life.
Greetings from Tajikistan
Sincerely, Abdu

Abdujan AbdurashidovFrom Tajikistan

Participating in one of Juan´s public speaking workshops gave me lot of new inputs on the mastering those assets. I felt it was such a complex, detailed and properly prepared training that enabled me to rapidly learn, practise and try out different presentations in a safe environment.

Juan has a professional and indeed personal approach when it comes to developing, coaching and supporting people. He pushed me to challenge myself allowing me to gain skills that I use daily in my school, work or voluntary work.

Jordan RacekFrom Slovakia

I always wished to say; "open your eyes and take a look around. See what you have before you or you will miss it!" That day never really came until I met one man which freedom, ability to listen and speak in concern of what he heard, appeared on a conference we had.

This freedom of nature, self-awareness, and spirit to live every day as the last surprised and inspired me to let go and listen to the words I once wish to say out loud. This impacted me to be free, accept the world around me and to open my eyes and see, that life is short and moves pretty fast. If I don’t pay attention I will easily miss it!

All of this I realised because one day I met one guy who stopped and listen, reflected and gave the best of him to make me see the best in me.

With these been said, I encourage you to meet Juan and let him take you on a ride to discover the Fun Side of Life.

Sandra Dee RøntvedFrom Denmark

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