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When You Do What You Love For a Living.



The Change Maker




Regardless of what you are doing,


If you are passionate about traveling, experiencing other cultures and hustling your way to make a positive impact around you,


Then you are a Change Maker!

Living Abroad is one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you can go through.

Back in 2003, I left Venezuela to move to the USA. Back then I had no idea about culture shock, leadership, nor the power of communication.

Next thing I knew, I found myself experiencing the 3 most challenging years of my life. Soon, I was completely frustrated and angry with the world around me.

I felt lost, lonely, and depressed.

But one night in the summer of 2006, I came to a life changing conclusion. I realized something that rocked the way I saw the world.

That night I understood that the only thing in common between everything around me is ME!

Back then I used to think that if things were going wrong around me, then I had to change them.

But after moving 2 times already, I understood that night that the problem was not around me but, in me. The problem was my attitude.

So regardless of how many times I change things around me, nothing was going to improve unless I change my reactive, negative mindset.

So I did. Life was never the same…

Nobody wakes up one morning deciding to be a leader. It’s your determination to change things, that puts you in a position of leadership.

After giving an 180-degree change to his life, Juan decided to follow his heart; since then, he has been constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone.


Today he is based in Austria, from where he trains and coaches Global Citizens in the art of communication, growing from their experience abroad and entrepreneurial development.


By combining personal growth with living abroad and design thinking, he creates journeys that challenge your mindset and help you build a life around doing what you love.


Juan in the media

Success Is Not Hard,

what is hard, is being average because that’s where the competition really is.

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